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Proof of Birth

20 min short

Written by Michael Niederman and Jose Luis Orbegozo

Directed by Jose Luis Orbegozo

Starring  Hugo CaleroHector PalaciosNeil Levine

Winner of the Columbia Faculty Selects, American Education Association "Best Screenplay"

All Luis Gonzalez wants is to send money to his family back home. But life is not simple in the United States. Whenever he thinks he knows what to do, Luis is proved wrong. In order to obtain a legal ID, he must travel through the illegal immigrants' underworld, along the way meeting Greek diner owners, Asian moneylenders, Dominican busboys, Polish au pairs and Russians phone-sex workers. The tests that Luis faces on his road trip are extreme and varied, forcing the formerly invisible immigrant to stand up and declare his identity.


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10 min short, 2016

directed by Ellie Foumbi and Michael Niederman

written by Jeffrey James Keyes

starring Jody Christopherson, Laura Gómez and London Peith

Parents are at odds with what to do when their 6-year-old son is sent home from school for wearing a dress.

Trailer coming soon


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